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Latin Tools Company Charlotte NC
Latin Tools Company Charlotte NC

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We check the equipment and tools a not cost, to determinate through a deep diagnostic to get in the best accrued way the possible problem and let you know in specifically what could be the cost of investment to repair your tools. Also we go and pick it up the Compressors, Equipment and other tools to bring it to our work shop location to be repair in the affordable manner at not cost from nearby Charlotte area.
*** Payment Accept: Cash, Credit Card and Check (Company only).

Service Call Guarantee.

****After 30 days of the call, that your tool(s) is ready. you are going to loose it and it will be used for repair costs. and we are not responsable for that!.

Part(s) Warranty.

Covers part(s)manufacturing defects only for a period of time indicated on the indivisual reciept of the . Warranty does not cover consummers neglect and/ or abuse nor misuse of part(s) and/ or appliance. Warranty does not cover any new and/ or unrelated issue(s) that may arrise. Part(s) dose not cover service call fee, installation fee and/ or any other fees that may apply. consumer is responsible for any that may apply.

Refunds (Only new product without open it).

Refunds are made if we do not and/ or cannot fix the initail complaint. Several determining factors need to be met in order to recieve any sort of refund. Refunds will be prossesed with-in 15 - 30 days following a favorable determination of the claim. ****Receipt and Ticket need for all transactions.

Deposits - Lay a way.

Deposits are maditory when the technician has to order or purchace a part(s) that is not at the technicians disposal. All deposits are to be exactly one half of the total cost of the repair. Deposits are non-refunable. All sales are final no cancellations.

Work Release.

You the consumer agree to have your tools(s) inspected and diagnosed you also agree to pay for each tool(s) that is inspected and diagnosed. also you agree to pay by either cash, credit card or check. Each inspection and diagnosis may take anywhere from one minute to two hours to complete. Respectively a repair can take the same amount of time to complete as well. All repairs are charged based upon the job and not by the hour of labor or cost of parts. You the consumer agree that we will not be responsible for loss or damage caused by fire, water, theft, testing, or any other causes beyond our control.